Application Review and Awards

Criteria for Review and Selection

Applications are reviewed by the Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research as well as Undergraduate Research Faculty Advisory Committee (URFAC) based on the following criteria:

  1. The student is enrolled at least part-time and/or full-time and presents at a conference during the current funding period.
  2. The project description and abstract are well written and clearly explain the project.
  3. The budget is itemized, appropriate to the project description, and reports the total cost of the proposed travel (even if it exceeds the funding requested).
  4. The student has secured or is securing research compliance approval(s) if necessary for this project.
  5. The faculty mentor writes a letter of recommendation supporting the student's involvement in the project and how they will benefit from presenting at the conference.

Only one trip per student can be supported during the academic year (e.g. August 18, 2018 through July 31, 2019). We encourage groups to submit individual applications as funding is limited. Preference will be given to students who can submit a confirmation of conference or abstract acceptance.

Applications that meet the above criteria will be forwarded to a faculty review committee. The committee will make recommendations for funding and the amount of funding based on the strength of the application as well as the strength of the faculty recommendation letter.

Award Notification

Notifications will be sent via email from OUR-CPP to the student and their faculty mentor. A list of students receiving scholarships will also be forwarded to College Deans and Departments, as well as posted on the OUR-CPP website.

If you have questions about the OUR Student Travel Fund, contact OUR-CPP.