Conference & Travel

Each program is different and may offer additional opportunities beyond the research scholarship. You may apply for more than one program. However, please let the program know if you are applying for or have been awarded another scholarship.



Who is Eligible To Apply


Funds for Students

2017-18 Deadlines

Travel Funds

Administrative Fund Ongoing Individual students, Student Clubs & Organizations

Support CPP student clubs & organizations with outreach program, conferences, training, and workshops

Individual or group may be funded once per year. Up to $1,000. Fall/ Winter/ Spring Due Dates
OUR Student Travel Fund Ongoing Individual students

Travel & attend professional meetings for original presentations based on research, creative, or scholarly work

Individual may be funded once per year. Up to $1,000. November 30, 2017

Local Conferences

Southern California Conference for Undergraduates (SCCUR)

Host: Cal Poly Pomona

November 18, 2017 All students, all colleges, all majors Present your research at a regional conference


(Falculty mentor must submit request for up to 2 projects totalling maximum of 8 CPP students)

Abstracts October 5th, 2017

5th Annual CPP SRC Cal Poly Pomona Student Research Conference University Library and Bronco Student Center

March 2, 2018

9 to 5 pm

All students, all colleges, all majors Present your research for your colleagues and campus community. Open to the public Award for top 10 oral presentations by room/division.

          Abstracts by January 2018  

    Acceptances February 2018

California State University Student Research Competition 

Host:                                   CSU Sacramento 

TBD Top 10 oral presentations selected from the 5th Annual CPP SRC in March. Represent CPP at CSU system-wide competition Awards for top oral presentations and nomination for future National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) Office of Undergraduate Research must submit Project  Abstracts by March 2018


UG (Undergraduate), URM (Underrepresented Minorities), STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), FG (First Generation completing a BA/BS degree), OUR-CPP (Office of Undergraduate Research at Cal Poly Pomona), and TBD (To Be Determined).