Research Programs

Each program is different and may offer additional opportunities beyond the research scholarship. You may apply for more than one program. However, please let the program know if you are applying for or have been awarded another scholarship.
Who is Eligible To Apply
Funds for Students
2017-18 Deadlines

Academic Year & Summer

Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation

URM, low-income, First Gen, STEM majors Support URM students wanting to pursue STEM graduate degrees $2,500 per Academic Year Academic Year and Summer Recruitment

Fall 2017

(California State University to University of California Bridge Program) UG Physics majors Partnership between California Community Colleges, CSU, and UC to increase the number of students continuing into astronomy graduate programs Full financial scholarship aid (Based on financial need) August 2017

Achieve Scholars Program

UG STEM majors, GPA of 3.0 or higher

Early career research training for freshman and sophomores & Peer Mentor training for juniors and seniors

$1,000 per Academic Year September 2018

McNair Preparatory Program All students, all colleges, all majors Workshops and activities to prepare for application to campus programs N/A October 2017

Learn Through Discovery

All students, all colleges, all majors

Students learn how research in their discipline can be used to create innovative solutions that help solve community problems.

$4,000 per year for 2 years + $500 for researn supplies + $500 for travel October 2017

Winter & Spring 2018

McNair Scholars Program UG with 3.0 GPA or higher. URM and/or low-income and First Gen, All majors Academic support and research internship to prepare students for doctoral programs Up to $2,500 per Academic Year

Eligibility Form- February 2018


April 2018

(California-Arizona Minority Partnership for Astronomy Research and Education) UG STEM majors

10-week summer internship at partnering university or research institution

$5,000 per Summer + Housing + Travel February 2018

NIH (National Institute of Health) RISE Intensive - Undergraduate & Graduate Student CPP Junior, Senior, and Graduate Students majoring in Biological Sciences 10-week summer & 2 academic years program. Prepares students for acceptance to PhD programs in the Biomedical Sciences. Up to $4000/student for summer and up to $8000/student for academic year March 2018

Engineering Scholars Program

UG Engineering majors, Pell Grant eligible

Conduct UG research, prepare for graduate school, and career development

$5,000 per Academic Year Spring 2018

UG (Undergraduate), URM (Underrepresented Minorities), STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), FG (First Generation completing a BA/BS degree), OUR-CPP (Office of Undergraduate Research at Cal Poly Pomona), and TBD (To Be Determined).