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Cal Poly Pomona Official Campus Tours

Welcome to Cal Poly Pomona!


As we begin another academic year, our office looks forward to hosting visitors and inspiring prospective students to achieve their college dreams. The official Cal Poly Pomona tours program is excited to receive thousands of visitors and prospective students each year. Throughout our walking tour, our knowledgeable student guides will share information about the campus, events, and student services available. You will also learn about some of Cal Poly Pomona's unique features, including the power of Polytechnic, our campus' rich legacy, and diversity, and hear first-hand accounts of our campus' learn-by-doing approach. 

The Group and School Tours will highlight the exciting opportunities of higher education. To schedule a tour select from the following reservations: 


For information on preparing for your Group Tour, review our newsletter. Details regarding bus drop-off, check-in, and your tour visit timeline are included.