Welcome to the Arensburger Site at Cal Poly Pomona

(Please note that this page is now depricated [as of Dec 2021], please go to the new CPP faculty page at https://www.cpp.edu/faculty/parensburger/index.shtml)

The Arensburger lab at Cal Poly focuses on bioinformatic questions such as the abudance and characteristics of transposable elements in invertebrates and the regulation of transposable elements by small RNAs.

Current Students

  • Ramiro Echeverria is a masters student working on identifying repeated sequence in various bird genomes.
  • Emi Hays is an undergraduate student who joined the lab Spring 2021, her research is on identifying spider transposable element sequences.
  • Sabrina Perez is an undergaduate student who joined in Summer 2021. She is working on finding patterns in the location of transposable element on a spider genome.

Research Opportunities

  • Students, both graduate and undergraduate are welcome to contact Peter Arensburger, particularly if they possess a some (not necessarily much) knowledge of scripting languages such Python, R, or Perl.

Research Example


Graphical representation of repeat sequences in a chicken genome. Dots indicate repeated sequences, lines indicate sequence similarities. This is an example of visual representation of abstract genome sequence data.

Lab location: Building 4 Room: 3-513

Contact information: parensburger@cpp.edu, office phone number can be found here

Peter Arensburger
Department of Biological Sciences
Cal Poly Pomona
3801 West Temple Avenue
Pomona, California 91768