Lot C Closure and Parking Changes EFFECTIVE JUNE 2016

On Monday, June 13, 2016 Lot C was closed to allow for the construction of the new Student Services Building. Below are a few changes due to this closure.

Lot C Closure and Parking Changes

Faculty/Staff General Parking

Lots F8 and F4 are designated as faculty/staff lots. There is an entrance to Lot F8 off Red Gum Lane near Kellogg Drive, and Oak Lane at Palm. Lot F4 can be accessed from University Drive at Magnolia or Red Gum. Student parking is only allowed in F4 and F8 after 5:30 p.m. during the week and all day on weekends. There are additional designated faculty/staff parking stalls in Lot B along with Parking Structure 2.

Student Parking and Student Rideshare

Students will not be permitted to park in Lots F8 and F4. Parking Structure 2 is open to accommodate student parking. Student rideshare spaces previously available in Lot F8 will be relocated to Lot F9. In addition, students rideshare permits are valid in the Clean Air Vehicle spaces in Parking Structure 2.

Faculty/Staff Rideshare

All faculty/staff Rideshare spaces will be located in Lot F8. Faculty/staff rideshare is also valid in the Clean Air Vehicle spaces in Parkng Structure 2. There are also a designated faculty/staff Rideshare spaces in the new structure. The F/S Rideshare spaces in Lot B will remain.

Voorhis Circle

To enhance pedestrian safety, Voorhis Circle is closed to all vehicle traffic except for service vehicles, golf carts and the Bronco Express shuttles.

Accessible (Disabled) Parking

Accessible (disabled) parking has been relocated to Lot F8, behind the parking structure. Additional accessible spaces were also added in Parking Structure 1.These spaces are the closest to the CLA Building (measured by steps) and have an easier path of travel (not too much incline). 

Golf Cart Parking and Charging

Golf cart parking will be available in Voorhis Circle in marked service stalls. Additional stalls with charging outlets will be available in Lot H and on Olive Lane near Building 95. Long term, the university will explore adding charging stations to the service stalls in Voorhis Circle for the carts.

Information Booth

The temporary information booth is now located on Oak Lane.

Presidential Guest Parking

These spaces are located in Lot F8 and are marked accordingly.

Reserved Parking

VIP guests with reserved parking will park in Lot F8.

Visitor Parking

All visitors to the campus now have designated parking in Lot F9.

Short Term Parking

All hourly spaces will be located in Lot F8 and F9.