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Semester Conversion and other FAQ

What is the price of a semester permit?

Semester parking permits are $231


Why does a semester permit cost more than a quarterly permit?

Now that the academic year is split into two semesters instead of three quarters, the price of the parking permit needed to be modified. The calculation that was used is shown below.

Quarterly permits: $154 each

Semester permits: $231 each

Old Academic year (three quarters):  $154 x 3= $462

New Academic year (two semesters): $231 x 2 = 462


Did the price of parking increase due to semester conversion?

No, the permit price remained the same. Instead of buying three permits every year students will buy two permits. The calculation above shows that the overall price for the academic year remains unchanged.


Do you offer a monthly payment plan for parking permits?

At the present time we do not offer a monthly payment plan. However, if you no longer need your parking permit you may turn it in to the parking office in bldg. 109 and be refunded in accordance with the fee schedule found here.


When are parking permits required?

Parking permit required at all times, including weekends and holidays.


Why do I have to pay for parking?

Under State law, all parking on university campuses is subject to the payment of a fee. The parking program is fully self-supporting; there are no tax payer funds used to fund the parking program. Your purchase of a parking permit enables the University to build and maintain the lots, provide frequent patrols to parked vehicles, and purchase supplies and equipment necessary to operate the program.


What can I do about a Parking Citation?

You may pay or contest any parking citation online within 21 days from the issuance date.


What do I do if I lock my keys in my car or if my car won't start?

All vehicles with a valid parking permit are eligible to receive motorist assistance. This assistance includes free battery jumps and free vehicle unlocks. Dial (909) 869-3061 and a parking officer will be dispatched as soon as possible.


Are there any alternatives to driving to campus?

Consider commuting by bus, bicycle, or foot. Discounted Foothill Transit passes and Metrolink train passes for students may be purchased at the ASI Games Room located at the Bronco Student Center, Building 35. Some restrictions apply. Bus and train schedules as well as carpool matching services are available at the Rideshare Office located in the Bronco Student Center, 2nd floor, office 2131. All students receive a 25% discount when they purchase their ticket at any Metrolink station.


Are there any benefits to carpooling?

Get closer parking during the morning hours. See the policy and procedures for the Student Rideshare Program.

Faculty and Staff:
We have carpool spaces for faculty and staff as well. Please see the Rideshare Office for a complete policy description and a Rideshare application.