New Parking Permit Improvements

Starting with Fall Quarter 2014, parking permits will be purchased online with a system that automatically mails parking permits to students. The new system will be operational beginning August 1, 2014. All parking permits will now be purchased online; no more standing in line at the Cashier’s Office. With the new system, parking permits will no longer be sold over the counter at the Cashier’s Office.

Using our new online system, students will be able to purchase their quarterly parking permit and print a receipt that would temporarily allow them to park on campus until the parking permit is mailed to the address designated when the permit is ordered. 

Another improvement will be the parking permit itself. The campus is moving away from a hang tag and will be using a window decal that will be placed on the inside of the Front windshield in the driver’s side corner. These decals have been created for easy removal and can be repositioned if needed. Again, the new decals will be delivered by mail only to students.


new parking permit instructions


Service Permits and Other Stickers

Some employees may receive a sticker, such as a service sticker or rideshare sticker, that must be affixed to the new permit.  Please follow the instructions below for installing your sticker on the new permit.

how to install your service sticker


Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  I prefer to remove my parking permit every day. Will the permit continue to stick to the window of my car?

Answer:  Yes, the new repositionable parking permit is designed to withstand multiple removals, so it should last you all quarter.

Question:  I sometimes bring different cars to campus. Can the permit be taken off one vehicle and placed on another?

Answer:  Yes, the permit can be removed without damage to your window and it can be placed on another vehicle.

Question:  What if I get a parking ticket because my new repositionable parking permit was not visible to the parking officer?

Answer:  Bring your citation to the Parking and Transportation Services Office located in building 109 (at the far end of the parking structure in the Police building) and we will evaluate the situation.

More information will be available soon, but in the meantime if you have questions please send us an email at or call us at (909) 869-3061.