Reserved Parking

Welcome to the reserved parking request form.

A request for 100 guests or more, please click here.

Complimentary Parking is ONLY available to guests of the university who fall into one of these categories:

If your request does not fall into one of these categories complimentary parking cannot be provided.

Requests must be made 72 hours (3 business days) in advance, before 4:00 PM. Failure to meet the above deadline may result in the denial of the request or maysubject the guest to paying the daily parking fee. Departments are limited to 5 complimentary parking passes per day.

Same day requests will be charged the current daily rate. Click here to read Parking Policies and Procedures.

Applications must be made by campus departments. Clubs, greek organizations and other groups are not eligible for reserved parking.

For more information, please contact the Parking and Transportation Services Office.

Contact: Carol Aguilar
Phone: (909) 869-5417
Fax: (909) 869-3001

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