Faculty/Staff Rideshare Benefits

Earn Bronco Bucks!
Rideshare members earn Bronco Bucks for participating in the program.

$1 a day:  Two person carpools, vanpool members
$2 per day:  Three or more member carpool, walkers, bicyclists, and vanpool drivers
$10 a month bonus:  Vanpool members who rideshare 80% or more days in a month

Members must complete the Daily Record each month to track their rideshare activity and will earn bronco bucks for only one commute options.  All incentives are considered taxable income and will be reported to the State Controller’s office each month.

Check your Bronco Bucks Balance On-Line
You may check your account activity on your Bronco card at anytime!  Here’s how you do it.  Go to the GET page from the Foundation web site here.  Enter your email address and password.  That’s it.  Log in anytime you want to check your balance or to see your spending activity.

Guaranteed Ride Home for Rideshare Members
What if you rideshare and then have to leave for an unexpected emergency, illness, or have to work overtime?  Not to worry, we guarantee all our members a ride home in a taxi in the event of an emergency on the days they rideshare.  Our Guaranteed Ride Home Program ensures that you will not be stranded at work.

Preferred Rideshare Parking for Members
Faculty/Staff rideshare parking spaces are designated on campus for carpools and vanpools.  A Rideshare parking sticker must be affixed to a regular parking permit to park in a space designated “Rideshare Parking.”

Semester Rideshare stickers are issued to members who are in possession of a semester or annual parking permit upon registration and when parking permits are issued. Rideshare stickers expire on the date indicated on the sticker. The Rideshare Office will only issue one (1) semester rideshare sticker per member. Stickers are not transferable.

Preferred Rideshare parking is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Rideshare spaces are located in Lot A, Lot F8, Lot J, and Lot S and are enforced during the hours of 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday.  You may also park in the Clean Air Vehicle spaces in Parking Structure 2.  Any faculty/staff employee with a valid Cal Poly parking permit may park in faculty/staff rideshare spaces after 1 p.m.

Rideshare spaces are only to be used on the days that you carpool and are strictly enforced.  Please park in a regular faculty/staff parking space when you drive alone.  You must be an active rideshare member to receive this incentive.

Transit Reimbursements
Metrolink and Amtrak riders are reimbursed on a semester basis to a maximum of $90.00 per month.  Bus riders are reimbursed on a semester basis to a maximum of $70.00 per month.  Reimbursement checks mailed to members home address.  Bus and train riders do not receive Bronco Bucks or Parking Reimbursements.

Parking Reimbursements
Rideshare members who carpool, vanpool, bicycle, or walk and have purchased a parking permit qualify for a parking reimbursement.   Members will earn a minimum of $.55 each commute day.  For members who rideshare at least 80% or more of the number of possible rideshare days in a semester, they will receive a reimbursement up to $36.  Reimbursement checks will be mailed once a semester.

Personalized Trip Planning
Are you thinking of taking a trip on public transportation and not sure if you have the right information? We are here to help. We have the most current information and tips on commuting.