Obtain a Rideshare Parking Permit

Student Carpool Permit Procedures
All student carpools must have a parking permit from the current semester to obtain a daily rideshare parking permit.  Student carpool parking will be enforced at the beginning of each semester.

PLEASE NOTE: No daily rideshare permits will be issued to carpool teams with an expired parking hangtag, a temporary permit when a permit has been purchased online, or from a permit purchased from a yellow Daily Parking Permit Dispenser.

Students must drive up to the Student Rideshare Booth each day with one or more passengers in their car and show their parking permit to the booth attendant to obtain a daily rideshare parking permit.  Students with valid rideshare parking permits may park in student rideshare spaces located in Lot F9 and Lot J, and new Parking Structure 2.  Student rideshare spaces are enforced Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to Noon.  The Student Rideshare Booth is closed on Fridays.  Students who have a parking hangtag displayed on their vehicle for the current quarter may park in those spaces (ON FRIDAYS) without having to display a daily rideshare parking permit.

Daily Rideshare parking permits must be displayed properly on the dashboard of the vehicle along with the current quarterly parking permit.    

Rules for Student Carpools
Rules are strictly enforced by Parking and Transportation Services.

  • Students who live in the Village or Residence Halls DO NOT qualify for the student rideshare permit.
  • Students who live within a one mile radius of the campus are not eligible.
  • Students cannot pick up other students from surface lots on campus to obtain a rideshare permit 

If you disregard the rules you will be subject to a citation, student discipline from Judicial Affairs, and permanent dismissal from the Rideshare program.  Misuse of rideshare parking is subject to a fine.

Employee Carpool Permit Procedures
Employees who carpool to the campus and are enrolled in the rideshare program are eligible for a rideshare sticker.  Employees can obtain a rideshare sticker from the Rideshare office located in the Bronco Student Center, Building 35, Office 2131.  Members must also be active in the program by turning in daily records of their rideshare activity.

Members may only park in the reserved Rideshare spaces on the days they carpool to campus.  Rideshare spaces are enforced from 7 a.m. through 1 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Employees who have been issued a valid rideshare sticker can park in Faculty/Staff Rideshare parking located in Lot A, Lot F8, Lot J, Lot G, Parking Structure 2, and Lot S on a first-come, first-serve basis.     

Train or bus riders are not eligible for a rideshare sticker.