Train and Bus Passes for Students

Bus Pass Information

The Rideshare office can assist students in finding the best route and schedules for taking Metro or Foothill Transit to Cal Poly Pomona.  Full-time students receive a discount when purchasing their pass.  Students must first obtain a date stamped from the records office and take it to a Metro or Foothill Transit location where they will be issued a transit photo ID.

Metro College/Vocational TAP Card Information
Metro's Reduced Fare passes are now on TAP! TAP is a durable plastic card you can use again and again. It replaces paper passes and stamps.

If you're a Senior, Disabled or Student rider, TAP makes it easier to go Metro by giving you more ways to buy your pass. You can load your TAP card at Metro Customer Centers, at pass vendors throughout the county, or at any Metro Rail or Metro Orange Line ticket vending machine. Best of all, you can reload your TAP card – any time of the day or night. Just call 866.TAPTOGO or visit

Monthly passes can be reloaded at the ASI Games Room in Building 35.  Please call the ASI Games Room for information at x4467.

In addition, TAP offers you these benefits:

  • As a reduced-fare rider, you are automatically signed up for free Balance Protection so you won't need to worry if  your card is lost or stolen.
  • You can sign up for Autoload to automatically purchase your pass each month.
  • TAP is a better choice for the environment because you reuse the same card each time.

Note: Existing Senior, Disabled and Student riders must obtain a TAP card to continue purchasing any kind of pass at the reduced rate. Senior/Disabled, College/Vocational pass stamps and paper Student ID cards will no longer be sold after May 2009. Paper day passes will no longer be sold after March 14, 2009.

How Do You Qualify?
To qualify for a College/Vocational discount, you must complete the College/Vocational TAP ID application. The Rideshare Office, located in Building 35 - office 2131, has applications available for students.  Instructions are provided on the application.  Submit the completed application at any Metro Customer Center or mail it to:

Metro Reduced Fare Office
One Gateway Plaza, MS 99-PL-4
Los Angeles, CA, 90012-2952

Upon receipt of your College/Vocational TAP ID, you can load a pass onto your TAP card every month at any Metro Customer Center or area pass vendors.

Undergraduate and graduate students must provide proof of enrollment in an accredited school in Los Angeles County for a minimum of 12 units or 12 hours of in-classroom study per week for a minimum of 3 consecutive months. If you are enrolled in a summer program that meets for less than 3 months and/or 1 units, you can still qualify only if you met the eligibility requirements in the preceding spring term.

Please note that there is a non-refundable $1 application fee.  If applying by mail, please send check or money order made payable to Metro.

Train Pass Information for Students

Metrolink fares are calculated with a distance-based formula using the shortest distance between stations.  To find out exactly what the fare will be for your trip, contact the Rideshare office or check out any of the following links:Automated ticket vending machine (located at every Metrolink station) Call 800-371-LINK (5465)

Students receive a 25% discount and may purchase tickets at the ticket vending machine at the Metrolink stations. 

For schedules and information, visit Metrolink at