Cal Poly Pomona

Address Changes

Employees should maintain up-to-date employment and payroll records, including addresses. To change and/or update your address on-line, faculty/staff may utlize Employee Self-Service through the BroncoDirect homepage.

Otherwise, please follow the steps outlined below for Faculty & Staff or for Student Assistants.

Also, please don't forget to update your Emergency Contact information if it has also changed due to your move/change in address.

Faculty & Staff

Unless using Employee Self-Service on BroncoDirect, address changes are to be filed using the Employee Action Request (EAR). The EAR document is a State of California form (Std. 686) used to collect an employee's home address, as well as other information.

To file an address change, faculty and staff employees should complete the EAR form, print it, and submit it in person to the representative at the Customer Service Center, located on the ground floor of the C.L.A. Building 98, Room B1-20. (Note: We do not recommend that you mail your completed form to the Customer Service Center, due to the confidential information included on the form--i.e., your Social Security Number. Also, since we require an original signature, we do not accept faxes).

Important Notes Regarding Address Changes:

  • EAR Forms cannot be filed through the mail, electronically, or by fax--you must submit the EAR in person to the Customer Service Center and present your Bronco Card for identification purpose.
  • Employees may not use a CSU address as a personal address on the EAR document unless the employee is authorized to and resides in a CSU-owned property, such as a campus dormitory.

IF YOU HAVE OTHER DEDUCTIONS (Credit Union, Automobile Insurance, etc.), you must change your address with the deduction company. This form does not affect an address change with deduction companies or organizations.

Student Assistants

It is recommended that student assistants update their address for employment and payroll purposes by changing the "home address" field on BroncoDirect.

There are multiple address fields on BroncoDirect; however, the home address field will automatically update your address in our system.






Change Your Address Using Employee

Faculty & Staff may view/update addresses through Employee Self- Service on BroncoDirect.

Just click on the BroncoDirect Link, log-on, and follow the instructions.