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Paid Time Off

Cal Poly Pomona provides employees with a bank of hours to use as the need or desire arises. Explore the tabs below to learn more.

Vacation is an accrued benefit which provides paid time off, subject to management approval, for eligible employees.
Vacation credit may be used after completion of one qualifying pay period of employment and must be taken in units of no less than half hour.


Employees should refer to the appropriate Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) for eligibility, information, and details. Academic year employees are not eligible for paid vacation.

Full-time 10-month or 12-month faculty; designated managerial (Management Personnel Plan-MPP) employees; and designated confidential (C99) employees earn vacation at a rate of two days (16 hours) per pay period which is prorated if the employee is less than full-time.

Hourly employees should refer to the appropriate collective bargaining agreement for details.Most full-time employees (exceptions noted below) earn vacation according to the following schedule (part-time employees earn vacation on a pro rata basis):

Years of Service Days/Year Hours/Pay Period
First 36 months (3 years) 10 days 6-2/3 hours
37 months - 72 months (6 years) 15 days 10 hours
73 months - 120 months (10 years) 17 days 11-1/3 hours
121 months - 180 months (15 years) 19 days 12-2/3 hours
181 months - 240 months (20 years) 21 days 14 hours
241 months - 300 months (25 years) 23 days 15-1/3 hours
301 months or more 24 days 16 hours

Vacation Carryover Limits

Vacation accruals are subject to carryover limitations, which specify the amount of vacation hours that may be carried over into the next calendar year.

Following is a vacation carryover chart summarizing the carryover limits by bargaining unit and length of service:

Vacation Carryover Chart
Collective Bargaining Unit Identifier
Accrual Hours
Maximum Carryover Hours (Jan. 1st of each year)
Years of Service
R02, R05, R07, R09
Varies with length of service
10 years or less of service (up to 120 months)
More than 10 years of service (121 months +)
Varies with length of service
10 years or less of service (up to 120 months)
More than 10 years of service (121 months +)
R03 16 Hours/Mo.
10 years or less of service (up to 120 months)
More than 10 years of service (121 months +)
M80 (Management Personnel Plan --MPP Employees) 16 Hours/Mo.
10 years or less of service (up to 120 months)
More than 10 years of service (121 months +)
C99 (Confidential) 16 Hours/Mo.
Not Applicable

*After one (1) full year of employment, a faculty unit employee who accrues vacation (12-month appointments) shall take at least forty (40) hours of vacation each calendar year. Any part of the forty (40) hours not taken during the calendar year shall be forfeited as of January 1st of the subsequent year (Article 34.7).

Other Information

Payment is normally made for any balance of unused vacation upon separation from University service. Under certain conditions, vacation credit is transferable to other State agencies, should an employee leave the University but continue in State service.

Questions regarding vacation leave accrual and/or attendance reporting should be directed to Payroll Services, extension 2233.

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Please refer to the following link for the bereavement leave. 

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As a state employee, there is no limit to the length of jury duty that employees may serve as a juror. An employee who receives initial notification that he/she is subject to jury duty shall notify the appropriate administrator. Verification of actual service for jury duty shall be provided by the employee.
Employees who are summoned for jury duty service are eligible for paid jury duty leave for the days that he/she actually reports to jury duty. On‐call jurors who are not required to report for jury duty service are not eligible for paid jury duty leave.
Depending on the employee's category, an hourly employee or an employee that works less than full time is eligible for time off with pay for jury duty for only those hours he/she was scheduled to work.

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