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Payroll Forms

Attendance Processing & Reporting

Excel Spreadsheet Absence Request Form
To report absences for faculty and staff
(Additional information for completing the form is available by opening the worksheets at the bottom of the page.)
Excel Spreadsheet Overtime and Excess Hours Paid Form
To report paid overtime worked and authorization to pay Excess Hours for non-exempt employees
Excel Spreadsheet Compensatory Time Off , Alternate Day Off, Holiday Credit Authorization
To report CTO worked by non-exempt employees, and document holiday credit for employees who work an alternate work schedule and the holiday falls on their normal day off
PDF Help Donation of Catastrophic Leave Credits Form
PDF Help Deficit Hours Reconciliation
To reconcile employees' deficit hours each calendar year in December.
PDF Help 2015 Excess/Minus Hours Worksheet
To track excess/minus hours for employees working an alternate work schedule.
PDF Help Excess/Minus Hours Worksheet SAMPLE
Sample of tracking excess/minus hours.
PDF Help Exempt Employee Advance Work Authorization Form
To report days worked by an exempt employee to cover designated campus closure day(s).
PDF Help Furlough Certification
To report furlough schedules by department for non-faculty employees.
Excel Spreadsheet Holiday Closure Work Authorization
To report work performed during holiday closure
Excel Spreadsheet Hourly Time Voucher and Pay Certification
To report hours worked by intermittent (hourly) employees
(Additional information for completing the form is available by opening the worksheets at the bottom of the page.)
Excel Spreadsheet Request For Additional Time Worked
Hours worked over the required 32 hours but no more than 40 hours during the week of the furlough.
PDF Help Request For Alternate Day Off (ADO) Worksheet
To track Alternate Day Off (ADO) for holidays that fall on the employee's regular day off.
Excel Spreadsheet Request For Alternate Work Schedule
To document an employee's work schedule that deviates from the standard work week schedule of Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
PDF Help Signature Authorization for Attendance and Paycheck Pick-up - Faculty/Staff Payroll
To establish signature records on file of employees who are authorized to certify faculty and staff attendance.

Leave of Absence

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Leave of Absence Form (Word) * Leave of Absence Form Instructions

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Catastrophic Leave Donation Program Application

Icon indicating this is a Word document. Family Medical Leave Notice & Request Form
PDF Help Healthcare Provider Certification Form


Clearance Forms

PDF Help
Clearance Form
Used to clear separating employees.
PST Retirement Program Information
Part-time, Seasonal, Temporary (PST) Employess

Faculty & Staff - Miscellaneous Forms

PDF Help
Information Access and Confidentiality Form
Employee information and certification form regarding awareness of state laws, federal laws, and University policies governing access to and use of student and employee personal information.
PDF Help
Designation of Person Authorized To Receive Warrants
Designates person who is entitled to receive any outstanding warrants upon the employee's death.
Additional Notes -This form must be signed in the Customer Service Center.
PDF Help Direct Deposit Form - Form - Std. 699
Enrollment authorization form.
PDF Help Employee Action Request (E.A.R.) - Form - Std. 686
Reporting the following personal changes:
Withholding Allowances
Additional Information - Please confirm with the HR& Payroll Services - Customer Service Center (ex: 3733) that no additional documentation is required before submitting this form.
PDF Help Personal Data Form
PDF Help Self-Identification Form
PDF Help User Access Form - PeopleSoft HCM
PDF Help Veteran Self-Identification Form
PDF Help W-2 (Request Duplicate)
To request a duplicate Wage & Tax Statement (W-2 Form)
There is a $8.50 processing fee per tax year requested.

Instructions for Using & Printing Forms

The following forms are provided for your convenience. All forms are available in Adobe PDF Format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader version 3.0 or higher to view/print the forms. You may download the reader from Adobe's download site.

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