Distribution of W-2s ( Wage and Tax Statements)

W-2 (Wage and Tax Statements) for 2017 to be Distributed to Employee Addresses

The State Controller's Office (SCO) will mail the 2017 Wage and Tax Statements (W-2s) directly to the address employees have on file with Payroll Services. For verification purposes, the address of record was printed on the bottom of your paycheck stub dated October 2017. W-2's are mailed to your home address normally by January 20th of each year.

Deadline to Update Address Record for W-2 Generation & Mail Distribution

In order for the State Controller's Office to print and mail your W-2 directly to the correct address, changes/corrections must be submitted by December 08, 2017.

How to Update/Change Your Address

Faculty & Staff may view/update their addresses through Employee Self-Service on BroncoDirect or Employee Center on MyCPP.  Simply go to BroncoDirect or MyCPP homepage, log-on, and follow the instructions.

Student Assistants - It is recommended that Student Assistants update their address for employment and payroll purposes by changing the mailing address field on BroncoDirect or MyCPP.  There are multiple address fields on BroncoDirect; however, the mailing address field will automatically update your address in our system.