Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join?

Membership in the organization is open to anyone affiliated with the University: students (undergraduate and graduate, full-time) and alumni. Community members and students at other local schools may also join. Membership is not restricted to music majors!

Are there auditions?

There are no auditions for wind instrument players to gain membership to the Pep Band. Due to the nature of the instruments, we may need to hold auditions for the rhythm section as too many players will lead to not enough playing time, resulting in a slower learning process, and an overall lesser enjoyment of the ensemble for all players.

How do I join?

Please contact us at any time, and we will get back to you!

I haven't played in a while, can I still join?

Yes! We have musicians of various playing abilities and experience. The Bronco Pep Band exists for the benefit of everyone! Our goal is to provide the opportunity to continue to play or expand your horizons and learn new instruments.

I don't have an instrument, or it is too large to bring to college. Does the band have any available?

There are a limited number of band-owned instruments, which can be used on a first-come, first-served basis. You can use them at rehearsals and performances, and sign them out for practice or personal use by special arrangement with the Property Manager.

My instrument does not fit in my dorm room; do you have any storage space?

We have our own secure closet. It is specially designed to protect your instrument from temperature and humidity. You may access the closet before and after rehearsals and performances, or by special appointment with the Pep Band's President, Vice President, or Property Manager.

Can I be a part of other clubs/activities, work AND do Pep Band?

Of course! Many Pep Band members are involved in numerous other organizations around campus! However, we do expect members to be active and attend both rehearsals/events.

What if I have a class that conflicts with Pep Band?
If you have a class that conflicts with the band practice schedule, you have several options:
  1. Choose another section of the same class
  2. Take a different class in the fall and shift the conflicting class to the next semester
  3. If all else fails, talk to the director about arriving a few minutes late to practice
Where does the Pep Band perform?

The Bronco Pep Band plays at all or most of Cal Poly Pomona Men's and Women's basketball and volleyball games, as well as other events both on and off campus throughout the year.

Does the Pep Band travel?

It depends but usually yes. In previous years we have travelled to San Francisco, San Diego and to various Cal States and UC schools around southern and northern California in support of our teams.