Far in the depths of the pre-history of the Pep Band, Cal Poly Pomona had a football team. Like many college football teams, there was also marching band to play during games and halftimes. However, in 1982 the football team was disbanded due to the ever-increasing distances they had to travel to play, leaving the marching band without anywhere to march. From there, the marching band became a "Sports Band", and gave its support to the basketball teams. As the years went on, the band started to fade away and gradually fell through the cracks of Cal Poly Pomona history, seemingly never to be seen again.

The teams continued on playing at a high level of excellence without a band to support them. The new millennium saw the women’s basketball team win back to back Division II national championships and the men’s basketball team became a dominant force in the Division II post-seasons. Despite these achievements, attendance at the games remained low and action was needed to helped increase fan support. The proposal to create a pep band and put together a cheer squad was presented to and approved by the Athletic Department, marking the birth of the Cal Poly Pomona Pep Band.

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