2003-2004 History

In the bands second season, 2003, the band tripled in sized. Members of Cal Poly Pomona’s concert and jazz ensembles joined together and raised their horns in support of Cal Poly Pomona Athletics. The band began to be able to stand on its own without the help of high school students, but their help was still greatly appreciated. The band roughly contained fifteen to twenty members on any given night. The band could no longer be run by one single person, so in reaction Christina Owens was elected the first band president and Kaci Foster was elected the band treasurer.

The band took on more of a presence at basketball games and attended about eighteen games over the course of the season. The band traveled to San Diego and had its first night trip. The band was welcomed by the UCSD Pep Band, and a new friendship was created. The following day the Bronco Pep Band painted San Diego green an d gold, going to Sea World and the Hard Rock Café.

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