2005-2006 History

A rather interesting year for the band, it saw for the first time a transition in the leadership. Dan and Steve split the directing duties this year for the pep band, again performing at all but one of the Cal Poly Pomona basketball home games. They also played for the first time at several volleyball games. The band made its first trip out of state as they traveled to the University of Arizona where they played against the established U of A Pep Band. The Bronco Pep Band stood tall against this Division I band and matched them song for song. The band had proven themselves to all.

The band again traveled to San Diego but this proved to be Dan’s last trip as band director. He stepped down and Steve completed the season as the full time band director. The band would travel out to Cal State Bakersfield where they encountered a rather hostile crowd. The crowd however would be silenced as the men’s basketball team would battle back from a double digit deficit and triumph in overtime. The only sound after the buzzer in that arena was William Tell, the Cal Poly Pomona Fight Song. The following night they attended the Cal State Los Angeles game where they saw another thrilling men’s victory. The Bronco Pep Band also welcomed their friends from San Diego to Kellogg Gymnasium, the first guests since UC Davis in 2004.

The season would prove to be a rather triumphant one for the pep band as the crowds at Cal Poly began to look forward to hearing the band and voiced their support for them in a few articles in the school paper, as well as verbal support at the games.

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