2007-2008 History

The 2007 -2008 season started off a bit slowly and new members were a rare find this year. But Athletics once again gave power to the Pep Band as we joined forces with Lorena Marquez, a newly created, and hired Marketing and Promotions Director. With their powers combined, their focus was to infuse the Cal Poly Campus with Bronco Pride. Volleyball games now featured regular appearances by the Band, and the Basketball season was upon them before they knew it. The Band could be seen at almost every home game as well as appearing for the first time onto YouTube, so that the whole world could see the glory of the Bronco Pep Band. As always, the Band traveled to many away games, and the UCSD Pep Band reported an "Unknown" Green Mass forcing them to call for reinforcements at the CPP vs. UCSD basketball game. UCSD attempted to enact revenge when the Broncos hosted the Tritons, but the Broncos stood tall and defended our fearless leader. Cal Poly was also visited for the first time by the mystical Humbolt Lumberjack Marching Band. Though cautious at first, Humbolt and the Bronco's became great friends and Cal Poly looks forward to the day we venture to Lumberjack Arena. Both Mens and Womens Basketball had a memorable season, and the Bronco's travelled with them to CSU San Bernardino to conquer the Timberwolves, and the CCAA conference.

As the school year drew to a close, the Band added much musical ammunition to their arsenal, as well as preserving themselves for all history by recording for the first time.

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