2008-2009 History

This year marked a critical transition as Steve announced his stepping down as director and announced James as his successor. Throughout the year, Steve shared his wise ways as Director. Over the summer the Pep Band gods smiled on the Bronco Pep Band as Freshmen fell from the sky, ballooning the roster to about 45. Fall quarter began with Bronco's galloping at full speed, playing Rally's, Volleyball Games, and various Gigs throughout all of campus. As the Basketball season began, the Band ventured to their first away game at UC Irvine. This game will live on forever in Pep Band Lore and no Bronco will ever set foot in the Bren Events Center again. The band also travelled to the Disney Div II West Coast Classic tip off to support the Womens basketball team. With the addition of many Freshmen the Band was a force to be reckoned with, and they traveled once again to crush the UCSD Pep Band. This year the Bronco's earned a double win, as the Bronco Men conquered the Triton basketball team at their own court. The Bronco Flag still stands at RIMAC arena, unshakeable and immovable. Later in the season the Bronco's once again played host to the Humbolt Lumberjack Marching Band. Remembering the friendship that spawned the year before, the two bands joined forces after the game and formed the first Super-Band known to man: The Bronco Riding Lumberjacks from Humbolt or Pomona, a force to be reckoned with.

Towards the end of the season, the Band did all it could to support their Men's basketball team, following them to CSU San Bernardino once again. Alas, the Band could not follow the Mens basketball team from Hawaii, to Washington and finally to Massachusetts where the Bronco Men achieved Cal Polys highest NCAA Div II run to date: National Runner-up position, we still cheered them on and welcomed them home with Trumpets and Fanfare.

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