2011-2012 History

This year marked the end of James’ time as director before handing the band off to Branden Herron for the next year. Orientation recruitment brought in about 8 freshmen. The band started the year off with summer rehearsals that led into performances at Welcome Week and Bronco Fusion.

They continued strong as they showed their support during volleyball season that appeared to quickly change into basketball season. Midseason basketball games at Monterrey Bay and East Bay had the pep band adventuring up north to support both the men and women’s basketball teams. East Bay fans weren’t the most welcoming, but the men were able to take the win, leaving with a double win for the weekend.

A week later, the pep band was witness to Mitchell Anderson’s “Miracle” shot. His half court buzzer beater in double overtime against Cal State Dominguez Hills had the crowds going wild!

At the start of March, the pep band followed the men’s basketball team to San Diego for CCAA Championships where they once again joined their friends from Humbolt State University. Unfortunately, our men did not leave with a win.

The year came to an end, and the pep band had to say goodbye to their graduating seniors, including their director, James. Overall, the year was great for the Bronco Pep Band. On to the next!

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