2013-2014 History

As Branden Herron took on his last year at CPP, he also took on Ramiro Castaneda as assistant-director of the pep band. Professor Amaya hopped on board and became this year’s academic advisor.

Volleyball games sped past the band faster than usual and they suddenly found themselves knees deep in basketball season. Months flew by and the annual Northern California trip was already in their midst. There were no cars broken in to on this trip, so of course that automatically made it a success!

This year the band seemed to get even more support and recognition from the sports teams, parents of athletes, and various other groups. They were recognized and praised at the NorCal games, and it was great for the band to hear they are appreciated.

It looks like they are becoming essential to every home game and away game they can make it to. The games continued when the band returned home and the women’s basketball team pushed against all odds and took the CCAA Championship Title. This year, the Pep Band was honored to be the CCAA Band of the Tournament, performing at all the NCAA West games.

The band saw it necessary to be more proactive in their community and outside communities. They were invited to perform at a special ceremony at the Arcadia City Hall. This was the first of many community events the pep band would perform at.

The slowed to an end as they said good bye to many of their graduating seniors, as well as their great director, Branden Herron. The Herron term was over and it was time for Castaneda to take over and see what he could do to make the band even greater.

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