2014-2015 History

Branden and Professor Amaya came and went; then, it was Ramiro’s chance to shine as the Bronco Pep Band’s newest band director. The Pep Band also introduced their newest academic advisor, Dr. Ricky Badua. With already having a few summer rehearsals and CPP Day at LACF, where they bid their farewells to a retiring Dr. Ortiz, under their hooves, the Pep Band was already on to a great start!

The year was off to a great start until someone lodged a noise complaint against the Pep Band during their scheduled rehearsal time. As a result, the band left the location they had rehearsed at for the past 11 years and relocated to the Darlene May Gym, where they had a little more privacy but a much longer walk from the band room. While some were surely upset, the band remembered that changes are not bad; they just present greater opportunity.

September blew past to make room for November’s month of fun. Volleyball was going well, but nothing out of the ordinary. The Pep Band continued to participate in school wide functions including performing at the music department’s Steinway Initiative. It’s always great to see the music community expanding and gain support and recognition they deserve! The end of November brought the Pep Band to Let’s Make a Deal as a fundraising event for the group. The group dressed up and although no one brought home big prizes, still had tons of fun.

The new year brought lots of fun things for the Pep Band to look forward to. The annual Northern California trip came and went without a hitch. Double wins from both the men’s and women’s basketball teams is what the band always looks forward to. Following the trip, the Pep Band was offered and amazing opportunity. For the first time in Pep Band history, the band was invited to join the men’s basketball team in Stockton for CCAA championships. Of course, the band jumped on the opportunity as soon as it arose!

At the beginning of March, the Pep Band found themselves on a second road trip as they headed to Stockton to cheer on their beloved men’s basketball team. The trip was not made in vain as the men’s basketball team made it all the way and scored the CCAA Championship! Fast forward a few weeks, the Pep Band found themselves at the Ontario Citizens Bank Arena cheering on both the men and women’s basketball team in the NCAA Western Regionals. Extraordinary things happen to extraordinary teams. The men took a buzzer beater win that was featured on FoxLA News, with a cameo by nonother than the Bronco Pep Band. The men’s team continued to the next rounds, but fell short in the semi finals.

As the year came to an end, new E-Board positions were voted on and Ramiro took on his own assistant director for the 2015-2016 school year. The Bronco Pep Band welcomed alto saxophone musician, Kingsley Hickman, as their new assistant director. He was excited to take on this new adventure with the band and see what was in store for the next year.

Again, another year down. The Bronco Pep Band, as always, is eager to get on the saddle for the year to come.

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