2016-2017 History

With Kingsley at the helm, the band was once again hard at work recruiting at summer orientations. This resulted in another strong group of new players to continue the Bronco Pep Band’s legacy. Members new and old jumped right in to play at summer rehearsals and again at the LA County Fair and other Fall events around campus. The band also got to return to their old rehearsal area in front of Kellogg Gym, reducing travel times for practice and making access to facilities easier.

The band continued to work closely with the Athletics Department to support the Broncos sports teams, including Volleyball in the Fall and Basketball in the Winter. The band also saw significant growth socially and within the Music Department, as Dr. Rickey Badua continued to advise the Bronco Pep Band and oversee the first year of Kappa Kappa Psi, the National Honorary Band Fraternity, at Cal Poly Pomona. With the rise of the fraternity came an increase of shared attendance between the Pep Band and the Concert Band and other band classes, as well as an increase in musical community among all the band organizations on campus.

A different CCAA schedule caused the band to travel to Monterey Bay and East Bay for the annual NorCal trip. The Bronco Pep Band was welcomed and praised at the opposing teams’ schools, with extra enthusiasm and appreciation for the band’s music at Monterey Bay. The changed schedule also allowed for a return to UCSD, where the Broncos got to have a friendly musical battle with the UCSD Pep Band. This was an exciting trip that allowed for some rare musical rivalry, despite the torrential rain storm that slowed travel on the way.

Spring quarter was more relaxed as usual following an emptier schedule, so the band made a trip to appear as audience members on television as a fundraiser. They also got to return to Knott’s Berry Farm for another fun performance. Spring also marked the debut of the University Hour performances; Kingsley had the band perform in front of the Music Building at lunch to liven up people’s lunch time and increase publicity about the Bronco Pep Band. Finally, elections were held and some brainstorming for next year began as the Bronco Pep Band wrapped up another strong year.

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