2017-2018 History

With Kingsley once again holding the reigns, the Bronco Pep Band galloped into a new year filled with gusto and good ol' "just won the Olympics" level pep. Summer recruitment was an overwhelming success as members old and new joined together at sauna-like outdoor rehearsals which culminated in a parade performance at the L.A. County Fair!

Summer was such a smashing hit, or rather, a splashing hit, that we entered the fall quarter with pride for what we had accomplished and hope for even more successes to come. As our numbers grew, so did our sound- we developed a full and rambunctious timbre to accompany our extensive repertoire of dance moves and entered the volleyball season as a force to be reckoned with! Our new and improved song selection and relentless cheering impressed the crowds and the team alike! It seemed as though the season was over before we could even shout CAL-POL-EEE!

Never fear, basketball season was here! In a record-breaking run for our Broncos, the men's basketball team made it to the championship game of their division and we cheered them along the entire way! Our winter season stretched on weeks longer than anticipated as the team proved themselves victorious again and again, culminating in an intense final game against UCSD where the Broncos lost by the slimmest of margins. Although they did not reign supreme in the end, it was thrilling for the band to be so active for so long in the winter quarter! In true pep band fashion, several new cheers and moves were quickly created to accommodate for the extended time period. People have called us a lot of things, but boring is not one of them. It was during this time that we packed our bags and traveled with the men's and women's teams to CSU East Bay and CSU Monterey Bay. Our stamina was at an all-time high as we cheered for four games in one weekend! Needless to say, the car ride home was filled with cough drops and strained vocal chords, but we wouldn't have traded it for a second.

Throughout our journey this year, we carried on many traditions from years past, as well as introducing several new events and gigs! Midnight Madness was as thrilling as ever- dodgeballs flew, capes were adorned, and sleeping bags were considered a thing of the past as nearly half of the band successfully stayed awake for an entire night in Kellogg Gym! We also performed at various u-hours, and participated in the school's homecoming parade! Our presence and recognizability at the school grew as our number of performances skyrocketed. However, our pep had breadth outside of our campus as well. In the fall we were given the honor of performing at the inaugural We Run Pomona 5k. In the spring we found ourselves bringing music to an elementary school walk-a-thon, Knott's Berry Farm, and, for the first time ever, Disney's California Adventure! Our spring quarter was dominated by our preparation for and attendance of these off-campus events, and we closed the year feeling incredibly satisfied. With a little faith, trust, and pixie dust, hopefully our next year will be filled with more performances, more members, and even more pep!

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