2019-2020 History

At the start of the year, the band performed for Cal Poly Pomona’s Welcome Week for incoming students. Recruitment was successful in the fall as multiple students enlisted at the club fair in August. Additionally, the band created a Drumline that increased the number of percussionists. August flew by and September came with many exciting events such as the LA county fair, and the Pomona 5k. The pep band also held its first joint rehearsal with members of Kappa Kappa Psi.

As volleyball season began, the band proceeded to support the women’s volleyball team and showered them with love and spirit. The annual Midnight Madness took place in October and went splendid. From dodgeball games, kahoot, yoga, and karaoke, our members were actively involved in some way.

In an attempt to meet new members and create long lasting friendships, the Bronco Pep band held its very first Mid-day Madness in the Spring that included a rehearsal and fun bonding activities. Additionally, the musical repertoire expanded as new songs were incorporated into the library.

Basketball season was boisterous and full of endless fun. This year, the Men’s basketball team traveled to San Diego for the semi-finals and of course we followed along to support. The San Diego away trip was a weekend with lots of energy and bonding. Although our team lost, we remain hopeful that we will win next time.

The Bronco Pep Band planned to attend the UC Davis Battle of the Bands event and other events, but due to unforeseen circumstances that were caused by COVID-19, the spring semester rapidly transitioned from in person courses to fully online which affected our participation in those events.

Although the COVID-19 situation impacted our bronco family and members, we persevered by planning activities for our members. We hosted our very first virtual Banquet, The Billys, as well as recorded a fight song video to provide a sense of community, promote our organization, and most importantly brighten up the school with our Bronco spirit amidst the terrible situation. Because of the virtual fight song video, the pep band received more support and recognition from many organizations within our school and the school itself.

We have faith and hope that the new E-board will continue to plan activities and incorporate new ideas for the 2020-2021 school year under the direction of Omar Arellano to further expand our goals as a band and remain united despite these challenging times.

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