Student Assistant Program


The University Police Department (UPD) oversees the Student Assistant Program. Student Assistants are paid employees who play a vital role in the department and at the university, acting as the "eyes and ears" for the Police Department.

Student Assistants (SAs) carry a police radio for safety and to communicate with the on-duty dispatcher and police officers. They receive regular in-service training. The Police Student Assistant position is an excellent leadership and professional development opportunity, and is highly beneficial for those planning for, or considering a career in law enforcement. This job will help develop confidence, communication, and real-life experience working within a Police Department.

NOW HIRING - University Police Student Assistant Job posting and application is available on-line on the Career Center Handshake. For Handshake access

An ideal candidate for this position is motivated, takes initiative, and possesses positive communication skills. A background check is also required for Student Assistant employment.
For more information, contact (909) 869-3061.


Parking/Information Booth Attendant
• Operate computerized cash register and handle cash/credit cards
• Issue various parking permits to the appropriate customer
• Provide directions to locations on campus

Front Office Assistant/LiveScan
• Clerical work (i.e. typing, filing, help with mass mailings, and answer phone calls)
• Dealing with minor complaints
• Livescan Fingerprinting for customers

• Patrol campus lots
• Handle battery–jumps, vehicle unlocks and safety-escorts.
• Conduct traffic-direction

Housing/Library/CLA Patrol
• Provide coverage to specific location and provide patrol and support.
• Radio-in any suspicious activity and work with other departments on campus.

• Leadership positions within the SA Program for growth and development.
• Administrative duties may include scheduling, training, and small projects/assignments

Learning Outcomes for SAs:
1. Will be able to develop and implement a plan to handle diverse circumstances and difficult situations.
2. Will be able to demonstrate strong customer service skills
3. Will be able to develop strong leadership characteristics.
4. Will able to demonstrate a high level of professional performance.
5. Will enhance and improve their level of knowledge and competence.
6. Will able to serve Cal Poly Pomona’s community and campus.


Q: What are the hours for this position?
A: There are multiple shifts available, and the shifts can start as early as 6 am, and end as late as 3 am. Shifts are seven days a week including during the summer.

Q: Do I have to have previous experience in law enforcement?
A: No, prior experience in a public-safety related field is not necessary.

Q: How does the Department deal with work shifts and my class schedule?
A: We request that a schedule of classes be turned in after you register each semester, we schedule work shifts around your class schedule.

Q: How do I apply?
A: Please upload a resume and application. Click this link to apply for the SA position

Q: How do I know the status of my application and resume?
A: It may take several weeks to review all applications. Please make sure that you uploaded both a resume and application. You will be contacted if an interview is to be scheduled. If you have any questions not answered on this web-page, please call (909) 869-3061.

Q: Is the job safe?
A: Yes, the department ensures that the Student Assistants carry a radio and are trained.

Q: Is there anything else I should know?
A: Some special events (ie Commencement), it is mandatory to work due to the large volume of campus guests. You will be provided sufficient notice of such special events. The maximum number of hours a Student Assistant can work per week is 20 hours. In order to be eligible to work, a semester/overall GPA of 2.0 or greater must be maintained, along with enrollment in six units or more.