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Office Staff

Here at PolyTransfer our office staff is always happy to help transfer students succeed.

Lorena Marquez

Lorena Márquez


Lorena Márquez has worked on the campus of Cal Poly Pomona for over 15 years in multiple roles. In June 2016, she began her new role as PolyTransfer Coordinator in the Division of Academic Affairs, where she will help develop a Transfer Sending and Transfer Receptive culture.

The 2015-16 year marked her sixth and final year at the César E. Chávez Center for Higher Education at Cal Poly Pomona. In her role, Lorena led and guided the Xican@/Latin@ student resource and social justice education center. She advocates for Xican@ Latin@ American community issues, in addition to offering leadership development, mentoring, and community engagement/empowerment programs for all students. She also provided diversity training for a variety of units and departments on and off campus.

Lorena works hard to create a culture of accountability and support for her students. Lorena truly lives with deep passion in her life, work, and her students. It is apparent in everything she does, from the overwhelming success of the annual Dia de los Muertos to the meticulously planned César E. Chávez Center for Higher Education high school conference from the school districts of Pomona and Los Angeles.