PolyTransfer Summer Program 2017

"Break the ice early so you're not freezing throughout the rest of your career."


Each Year, PolyTransfer hosts a Summer Program providing transfer students with the skills and knowledge to transition to Cal Poly Pomona seamlessly. The program will develop an understanding of how to navigate Cal Poly Pomona and create a sense of belonging within their new institution. PolyTransfer students will attend a series of workshops and activities that will supplement their transition into Cal Poly Pomona.

The Program is free for new transfer students. However, there are a limited number of seats so apply early! Applications will open in March 2016 for the Summer Program. 

The Summer Program includes:

  • A Graduate School Student Panel
  • Faculty Panel
  • Library Resources/Research
  • Career Center
  • Cultural Centers
  • Office of Undergraduate Research
  • Academic Sessions with professors from Cal Poly Pomona

To sign up for the Summer Program, please click below.