Peer Mentors

"Students who feel securely connected in an environment or group, who feel that the group is important to them, and they are important to the group, tend to have higher self-concepts, greater confidence in their academic skills, and rate their college experiences as satisfactory" -Terrel L. Strayhorn
Peer Mentors are current Cal Poly Pomona transfer students who are trained to support incoming transfer students. Peer Mentors provide firsthand advice for incoming transfer students on transitioning and navigating CPP. Peer Mentors staff transfer orientations and all PolyTransfer events.

Ada Mendoza

Peer Mentor

English Literature

Josh Feagin

Peer Mentor

Electrial Engineering

Edmundo Perez

Peer Mentor

Early Childhood Studies

Ayisa Villeraual

Peer Mentor


Patricia Castro
Peer Mentor


Jonatan Elias
Peer Mentor

Early Childhood Studies & Anthropolgy


Ceaser Cruz

Peer Mentor

Education in English

Marlon Gaytan

Peer Mentor

Industrial Engineering