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Pre-Vet Cal Poly Research Opportunity

Are you interested in doing research? Do want to get into Vet School? Have you heard of VeRG!? The Veterinary Research Group will be hosting an info session on Tuesday May 23rd from 12: 15pm -1:00 pm in Building 2, Room 111. Come checks us out to learn more about what Veterinary Research has to offer you! 

If you have questions please contact: Dr. Cord Brundage and Kierra Kuhlman 

Pre-Vet Cal Poly Summer Admission Preparation

Posted 5/11/2017

CRN # 50740. The theme for the Summer 2017 AVS 463 course is Pre-Veterinary admissions. We will discuss a number of topics on the best practices for selecting and successfully applying for veterinary programs. Writing assignments will mirror essay requirements that are included in the VMCAS application and student presentations will address major issues facing the veterinary profession. Examples of problem based versus didactic teaching will be explored. Mock interviews will also take place using multiple current vet school interview formats. This summer it is scheduled during the1st 5 week summer session, on Wednesdays from 9:15 am-12:50pm. 

Loma Linda University School of Medicine SNMA- 4th Annual Pre-Medical Mentorship Program

Posted 2/6/2015

Excellent Mentorship program for underrepresented pre-med students.

Registration (DOC) is required.

2014 UC_Davis Prehealth Conference

Posted 9/24/2014

Detail from http://www.ucdprehealth.org.

Excellent opportunity for all preprofessional students.

Conference will include

  • 110 Medical Schools
  • 30 Pharmacy Schools
  • 30 Dentistry Schools
  • 30 Nursing Schools
  • 25 Public Health Schools
  • 15 Veterinary Schools
  • 25 Graduate and STEM Schools
  • 15 Physician Assistant Schools
  • 15 Physical and Occupational Therapy Programs

Conference Highlights

  • Deans of Admission Panel and Q&A Sessions
  • Pre-Health Professions Fair (over 500 Programs Represented)
  • Non-Traditional Medical and Health Professions Student Panel
  • Inspirational Stories
  • Interactive Workshops
  • Over 1200 Speakers (Deans of Medical and Health Professions Schools, Physicians, Pharmacists, Dentists, Public Health Professionals, Veterinarians, PAs, Researchers in STEM, Physical and Occupational Therapists, Optometrists, and more!)
  • Over 300 Workshops 

UC_Davis Prehealth Conference

Posted 10/2/2013

Detail Best conference for preprofessional students

Pre-Dent Scholarship

Posted 9/24/2013

Dental Scholarship (DOCx)


Posted 1/5/2013

Standard University Mniority Medical Alliance (SUMMA) is coming up soon (Feb). An excllent way to learn about medical school applications and future practice of medicine.

Linkage Talk

Posted 10/5/2012

10/11/2012 First floor Conference Rm Building 4 at 12 noon

Health Professions Conference

Posted 2/15/2012

Mt Sac College on April/27/2012 (PDF)

Pre-pharmacy symposium

Posted 1/4/2012

Pre-pharmacy symposium at USC, Friday, Jan 20, 2012.

Congratulation to Philip Petersen

Posted 4/18/2011

Accepted into USC-Caltech MD/PhD program and awarded $28000 per year scholarship with all free tuitions, rooms and boards, totaling to about $900,000. Jobs well done.

Free PCAT 2/12/2011

Posted 2/7/2011


Post Baccalaureate Program UCSF 2011-2012

Posted 1/26/2011

Post Baccalaureate Program

Dr. Michel's Campus Talk

Posted 1/11/2011

Campus Talk (DOC)

Admissions Workshop in Medicine

Date posted 1/25/2011

Saturday, March, 2011. Admissions Workshop in Medicine

2010 pre-professional scholarship open application

Posted 10/26/2010

Application form is now available (deadline is Dec 10, 2010) (DOC)

2010 Pre-professional Scholarship Application(DOC)

Internship Progrm for Postsecondary Students

Posted 10/25/2010

Internship for Post-secondary Students(DOC)

Pre-pharmacy club

Posted 10/20/2010

First meeting will be on 10/26/2010 University hour. 8-48

Another pathway to get accepted into medical school

Posted 10/8/2010

Seminar on 10/21/2010 University hour (DOC)

Tri-Beta meeting

Posted 10/2/2010

First organization meeting will be held in 3-1623 at 12 noon.

Kaplan Free Events MCAT ans LSAT

Posted 5/19/2010

In order to pre-register for the event, please go to: http://kaptest.acrobat.com/mkvl0020/event/registration.html <http://kaptest.acrobat.com/mkvl0020/event/registration.html>  . You will need to pre-register in order to receive the correct log-in information to attend the event.

8th National AMSA

Posted 5/19/2010

8th National AMSA ARC/UCD Pre-Medical and Pre-Public Health Conference

“Learn to Lead, Strive to Change, Act to Inspire”Register by June 15, 2010 at 11:59 pm and enter a chance to win a Kaplan MCAT Prep course valued at $2,000.

The winner will be randomly selected from the pool of all registered attendees on June 16, 2010

MD/PhD Program 5/13

Posted 5/7/2010

By Charles Hummel (UCLA MD/PhD student) Location: 4-2-314. Time: 12 noon

Cal Poly Pre-Pharmacy Club Organiation Meeting

Posted 5/4/2010

By Kimberly Han. Location 8-48. Time 12 noon.

Pharmacy Internship talk at KAISER ON 6/5

Posted 4/12/2010

For detail refer to thepharmacy internship talk flier (DOC)


2010 Linkage Talk on 4/22

Posted 4/12/2010

For detail refer to the 2010 Linkage Talk flier (DOC).


Scholarship for Cal Ply students

Posted 3/1/2010

15 scholarships of $1000 will be given out to qualified candidates. Deadline for submission is 4/1/2010. Details and application forms are posted on the bulletin board outside my office or call 626-915-6237 and ask for Joan Stronach

Future Dr. George (our own) talks about other means of getting accepted into professional schools

Posted 2/20/2010

Dr. George Talks (PDF) Free pizza

Lunch with Pharmacy Dean from Western?/Seminar on Pharmacy Admission

Posted 2/20/2010

Check detail info from flier (date: 3/5) Limited space available and pay your own

2010 Post Baccalaureate Program open enrollment

Posted 1/20/2010

http://medschool.ucsf.edu/outreach or 415-514-2277

FAdmissions Workshop March 20, 2010

Posted 1/20/2010


Free study guide toCal Poly pre-dental students

Posted 1/20/2010

See Dr. Chan

Free Official guide to the MCAT exam to only Cal Poly students

Posted 12/10/2009

2009 Guide to MCAT (DOC)

26th Annual LMSA-West Regional Conference

Posted 11/5/2009

26th Annual LMSA-West Conference (PDF).

Army Speaker on Scholarship and Western Programs

Posted 11/4/2009

Detailed time and places for the two speakers (DOC).


Allied Health Scholarship Award

Posted 10/28/2009

Now open to apply

Princeton Review Guarantee

Posted 10/22/2009

Princeton Review Guarantee.

Medical Student Speaker

Posted 10/2/2009

Andrey Ostrovsky, 4th year medical student will speak on future of medicine on Oct 13 at 3pm in 3-1639

4+4 Linkage Proam Open Enrollment

Posted 9/29/2009

Application is now available for 2010 consideration. See Dr. Chan for detail.

4+4 Linkage Program Information

Posted 5/20/2009

Now open to apply. 4+4 Linkage Program Information (PDF)

Citrus valley Health Partners Clinical Care Extended Program

Posted 5/6/2009

Check out the timetable (DOC) and Citrus Valley Health Partners Clinical Care Extended Program (DOC). For further information, contact Cal Poly student, Andrea Sipin, Director of Special Project ( cvhpdsp@copepartnershwt.org)

Western University Pre-Health Panel

Posted 4/19/2009

April 30th, 2009 from 12PM-1PM (Career Center) (PFD).

Pre-professional Health Careers Undergraduate Student scholarship

Posted 4/6/2009

Now open to 2009 Pre-professional Health Careers undergraduate application (DOC). the deadline is May 13, 2009. Download 2009 Pre-professional Health Careers undergraduate application (DOC) application form.

Update: 4+4 Linkage Program to Western DO Medical School

Posted 4/1/2009

More detail information and forms will be available within 3 weeks.


4+4 Linkage Program to Western DO Medical School

Posted 3/9/2009

There will be a talk on 4+4 Linkage Program on March 12, 2009. For detail, see 2009 4+4 Linkage Program to Western DO Medical School (DOC).

Volunteer Opportunity , March 7, 2009

Posted 2/19/2009

See link (DOC)

Paid Summer Research Program at UNLV

Internship for Podiatric Medicine

Posted 2/9/2009

See internship for Podiatric Medicine.


Posted 2/9/2009

The summer research experience in Environmental Microbiology at UNLV is now accepting applications.  On-line application at http://sols.unlv.edu/reu_main.html

Coupons for The Princeton Review

Posted 10/15/2008

Interested in getting a coupon to help out the prep class. Come to see me

UCI Pre-Health Conference - Oct 25, 2008

Posted 10/15/2008

Interested in attending a local Pre-health conference.

Steele Pre-professional Award

Posted 5/19/2008

Interested in applying for this scholarship.

Medical School Admissions Workshop

Posted 2/7/2008

If you are interested in signing up an admissions workshop on Saturday, March 8, 2008 for just $10.00 please call 415-514-2277 or visit http://medschool.ucsf.edu/msaw/. This is a very good dworkshop for the serious pre-med students and highly recommended. It inlcudes presentations on developing a competitive application, understanding the application process, a day in the life of a medical student and post-baccalaureate program.

New Trend in Medical School Admissions

Posted 1/15/2008

More and more schools start to require a year of Biochemistry as a pre-requisites.

Mock Interviews

Posted 1/08/2008

Mock interview schedule has been moved to Wed afternoon until further notice.

Pre-Health Conference

Posted 10/23/2007

Free Kaplan Practice on GRE, DAT, MCAT etc at Cal Poly