Bulk Mail

Following these guidelines will assist you in processing your bulk mailing. If you should have further questions regarding bulk mail, please call Distribution Services at ext. 3349.

All mail must have the endorsement: Return Service Requested printed on all non-profit and first class permit mail.

You may place endorsement in one of these areas:

  1. Below return address
  2. Left side of indicia

bulk mail sample

Type of Bulk Mail

  1. Standard class (aka Non-profit) - 200-piece minimum. Current cost is .17 cents a piece up to 3 oz. Delivery time is usually t to 7 working days within Southern California Area.
  2. Pre-sorted First Class - 500-piece minimum. Current cost is .414 apiece for letters. Delivery time is generally 1-3 days. Please call Karen Martin at ext. 3349 for price of 5,000 or more.


Be sure that the proper indicia are used for the type of bulk mailing you are doing.

Indicia Samples




  • All items must have a Cal Poly Pomona return address
  • All mail must be endorsed with Return Service Requested
  • All envelopes must be sealed and of the same weight 
  • Mail must be in trays or tubs (tubs for flats) available from Distribution Services, call ext 3349 for delivery prior to your mailing
  • Remove all foreign mail; it does not qualify as bulk mail. 
  • Place all mail in the trays facing the same direction. It is not necessary to place in zip-code order.
  • Provide a Total Piece Count of your mailing. This must be accurate. It is a U.S. Postal requirement and the entire mailing will be returned to you if there is a discrepancy. 
  • Folded flyers must be tabbed at the topNo staples. Fold should be at the bottomwith indicia in upper right corner. Failure to comply wil result in your mail being processed at full first class postage rate.

Please call ext. 3349 if you have any questions. Your bulk mailing will be picked-up along with your mail providing the above criteria have been met. A lead-time of 2 days is typically required. You may bring your bulk mailing to Distribution Services, located in the CLA building (98-B1-258).