STAPLES - Frequently Asked Questions

      1. When will the campus move from OfficeMax to Staples?  The new contract will be available in mid-September and the OfficeMax contract will expire in early October.
      2. Will users have the option to continue purchasing from the OfficeMax contracted website? Yes, until the OfficeMax website is shut down in early October.   After that, all office supply orders will be placed with Staples.
      3. Will training be available?  Yes, Staples will have an online training program and procurement will host training once the site becomes available.
      4. Where can I find the Staples Online Catalog?  The Staples Online Catalog will be on the Campus Marketplace portal.  The catalog will be available in mid-September.
      5. What is the Campus Marketplace?  The Campus Marketplace is an online portal for the CSU which gives access to 25 contracted vendors at the CSU discounted rates.  All p-card users currently have access.  Any eligible permanent employee may request access. If  a user does not have a p-card they will have the option of shopping on the site and:
        1. forwarding their shopping cart to the to appropriate p-card holder in their department for final order processing, or
        2. requesting a p-card with authorization from their approving official.
      6. How do I get access to place Staples online orders?   All current p-card holders will have access when the catalog is made available.  If you do not have a p-card, you will have the option of:
        1. forwarding a shopping cart to the appropriate p-card holder in you department for final order processing, or
        2. requesting a p-card authorization from your approving official
      7. If I was an OfficeMax Online User will I have access to the new Staples site?  Yes, automatically if you have a P-Card.  Procurement will be working to transition the users that don’t currently have a P-Card. 
      8. Do I have to fill out an online user form, as I did with OfficeMax?  No, you don’t have to fill out an online user form.
      9. What is the advantage of purchasing from Staples? The office supply contract was competitively bid & awarded to Staples. Staples will provide desk-top delivery; 12,575 core discounted items; and an additional 8.9% savings over our existing OfficeMax contract.  
      10. Will the Auto-substitution Program be implemented on the Staples website? Not at this time. However according to the Chancellor’s Office it will be included in the future.
      11. Will the KTEK initiative be implemented on the Staples website? No, KTEK is not a Staples vendor. Staples is working on providing a DVBE (Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise) toner supplier option, however you won’t be mandated to purchase from the DVBE vendor.
      12. Will Staples delivery vehicles be clearly labeled “Staples” such as the current “OfficeMax” vehicles? Staples Desktop orders will be delivered by a contracted carrier named “OnTrac”.  All OnTrac vehicles and personnel will be wearing OnTrac uniforms and carry a Staples Badge.
      13. Will there be a minimum order requirement? Yes, all orders will now have to be for $20 or more. Otherwise Staples will not release/ submit your order for further processing.
      14. How are backorders handled?  Staples will communicate any backorder information to the requestor.
      15. How will I receive my order confirmation or shipment receipt? Once you place your p-card order through the Campus Marketplace, Staples will communicate order confirmation and order receipt electronically via email.
      16. Will items that are currently restricted (ex. Flash drives, printers, etc.) on the OfficeMax website be restricted on the Staples website?  Items that may not be purchased with state funds such as food, paper goods, and appliances are still prohibited.  The Staples site does not ‘restrict’ these items however the employee is obligated to follow campus policies.  Items requiring prior approvals (ATI, hospitality, etc.) will still require evidence of prior approval during the p-card reconciliation process.  All such transactions will be audited by the campus’s p-card administration during the monthly reviewing/ auditing process.
      17. How will this appear on our Finance Dashboard?  The new Staples contract requires p-card payment so the transactions will appear as a US Bank credit card transactions.  These appear as CR CARD (date) (user).  There will no longer be an OM transaction line on your dashboard.
      18. Can we reallocate charges to a different chartfield?  Yes, during the US Bank month end reconciliation process, a user may reallocate charges to a different chartfield.  All reallocations must be completed online before the reconciliation deadline each month.
      19. Could a shopper use a non-CSU credit card?  No, this site is for official CSU Business Only.  Foundation p-cards are allowed.