Fall Field Trips will resume October 2019

Pumpkin Patch Field trips

Please check back later for more exciting fall field trips at AGRIscapes. We also offer Spring Field Trips. If you want to get more information about all the activities at AGRIscapes, join our email list or follow us on facebook. The following is information from 2018 fall field trips. Prices are subject to change.

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Only Field Trip - $6 Per Participant

Includes one Pumpkin any size from the field or Kid’s Patch and access to the Farm Kid’s Activity Area with a Mini Corn Maze, Squash Tunnel, Pumpkin Games and Craft Activities.

All Inclusive Field Trip - $14 per Participant

Includes Pumpkin and Farm Kids activities listed above plus the Petting Farm, Hay Wagon Ride, Large Corn Maze and Children’s Garden.

Parent or Adult Package - $8 per Participant

Gives an accompanying adult access to all activities except pumpkin picking. Select ONLY if child is participating in All Inclusive Field Trip.

NOTE: 1 Teacher and 1 Support Staff, for each group of 25 children, will not be charged for any activities except pumpkins.
**Groups may participate in as many of the activities as they want in whatever order they want. Please plan for a minimum of 2 1/2 hours to complete all 6 activities.

Picnic area and tables - Available on a first-come basis without charge. Sandwiches & Beverages may be ordered in advance by contacting the Farm Store at (909) 869-4906.

Field Trips for 2018 will be conducted on the following dates:

Tuesday October 9th - Friday October 12th
Tuesday October 16th - Friday October 19th
Tuesday October 22nd - Friday October 26th
Arrival Times are from 9am to 12pm except for Wednesdays when they are extended to 3pm.


Pumpkin Patch Field trip icons

Pick-Your-Own Pumpkin - (allow 30 minutes)
The Pumpkin Patch covers almost 5 acres with more Pumpkins than you can count. Field Trips include a visit to the huge patch where you can select a pumpkin of any size or the smaller-sized Kid's Patch, perfect for the younger ones. Additional pumpkins can be purchased at the time.

Children's Garden nutrition lesson

Farm Kids Activity Area - (allow 20 minutes)
We have expanded the popular Farm Kids Ag Activity Area with larger Squash Tunnels, a Hay Pyramid, Games and a Mini Corn Maze.

Petting Farm - (allow 30 minutes)
Children love learning about our friendly farm animals that include sheep, several breeds of goats and rabbits. Learn what they eat, their unusual teeth and other ways animals are unique from people.

Big Corn Maze - (allow 20 minutes)
The Corn Maze is full of twisting paths designed to confuse and confound, but be assured - there is a way out!

Children’s Garden - (allow 20 minutes)
From bees to worms, roots to blossoms, the Children's Garden is a wonderful place for children and adults to learn about fresh healthy foods from the ground up. Includes the new Discovery Farm area to learn how farmers grow our food.

Tractor pulled Hay Ride

Hay Wagon Ride & Farm Tour - (allow 20 minutes)
Climb aboard the antique tractor-pulled wagon ride for a tour of discovery farm at AGRIscapes and it’s a great place for a group photo op!
* Due to the hands-on learning environment of these field trips, groups may need to be split into smaller groups of 25 or less.


What is the Tour Length?

A typical Pumpkin Patch Field Trip takes between 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours depending on the activities you choose to enjoy, please plan on additional time if you will take a snack or lunch break. Picnic tables are provided on a first-come basis. We request that you Arrive 15 Minutes before your start time to allow for check-in.

Petting Farm

What About Parking?

Buses and cars will be provided with Free parking, directions and information will be provided in advance. Look for signs upon entering AGRIscapes.

Do You Require Liability Waiver Forms?

Yes, all field trip participants including adults must fill out and return the Liability Waiver form that will be provided with your confirmation e-mail. Unfortunately we will not be able to allow those without the completed forms to participate.

What Methods of Payment Do You Accept?

Payment can be made with Cash, Check (Payable to the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation) or Credit Card. Check and Credit Card refunds are not possible.

Can We Purchase Additional Pumpkins?

Absolutely! Parents and others accompanying field trips often will purchase additional pumpkins from the field.

What Else Do You Offer In October?

October is PumpkinFest at Cal Poly Pomona. We kick things off with our Family Fun Pumpkin Festival - October 6th & 7th where the entire 20 acre AGRIscapes Center is filed with Music, Animals, Great Food, Contests, Exhibits, the Corn Maze and lots of Pumpkins! The Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze will continue until October 31st with the Petting Farm available on weekends. A Small Admission fee is charged on Festival Weekend only but parking is Free, group discount tickets are available.

Where Are You Located?

The Cal Poly Pomona Pumpkin Patch at the AGRIscapes Agriculture Outreach Center, located at the corner of Temple Avenue and S. Campus Drive in Pomona.
Address - 4102 S. University Dr. Pomona, CA 91768

Contact Information:

E-Mail: pumpkinfestival@cpp.edu
Phone: (909) 869-6722
Field Trip Coordinator - Veronica Grant - vrgrant@cpp.edu
Pumpkin Festival / Vendor Questions: Craig Walters - chwalters@cpp.edu