RAMP Challenge Grant

RAMP provides a supplemental Pell grant award to a certain number of qualifying students who complete the application process.

To be eligible, you must meet the following requirements prior to applying for the grant: 

  • Be a RAMP participant 
  • Be a freshman or sophomore (according to units at the beginning of fall term) 
  • Receiving the Pell grant 
  • Have an unmet financial need
  • Be in good academic standing
  • Enrolled full-time

Eligible participants must complete several RAMP requirements before the application deadline. These requirements afford students opportunities to familiarize themselves with the campus community and to enhance academic, professional, cultural or personal growth. These requirements include:

  • Attending reading tutorials to complete a minimum of 14 sessions
  • Attending at least one Professional Spotlight
  • Attending at least one group peer mentoring session
  • Attending Library Workshop or one of two First-Generation College Student Panel (offered spring only)
  • Attending at least one financial literacy or financial aid workshop 
  • Attending an advising meeting with your program advisor each term

Sign up for workshops and events by visiting RAMP's events page

RAMP has been awarding grant aid since Fall 2001. In the 2010–11 academic year, the grant aid was converted to a competitive scholarship format. The program is excited to continue offering such a valuable opportunity to students.