Academic Standing

Undergraduate Students

Early Warning                                               GPA below 2.2 will receive advising hold on BroncoDirect Account. An advising appointment is required to remove this hold.
Academic Probation                                                 GPA below 2.0 will be placed on academic probation and an accompanying hold will be placed on BroncoDirect Account. An advising appointment is required to remove this hold. A student will be removed from academic probation once the cumulative GPA becomes 2.0 or greater.
Academic Disqualification

A student will be academically disqualified if the cumulative GPA falls below:

  • Freshman (Less than 30 Semester units completed): 1.50
  • Sophomore (30-59 Semester units completed): 1.70
  • Junior (60-89 Semester units): 1.85
  • Senior (90 or more Semester units completed): 1.95

A disqualified student will be ineligible to attend for a minimum of one quarter.

Additional Information Regarding Academic Disqualification

An undergraduate student who is academically disqualified on the basis of their grade point average will not be allowed to attend for at least one term. All academically disqualified students shall be notified of their disqualification at the start of the quarter following the assignment of that academic standing (when the University has adopted a semester calendar, notice of disqualification will be sent to students before the beginning of the semester after the one in which the student was disqualified).

Upon initial disqualification, students have the right to appeal their eligibility to enroll by completing the Disqualification Appeal Student Information Sheet which is available with a student's academic advisor.  Except in extraordinary circumstances, appeals will be considered only if the student's CPP and overall grade point average, during the quarter subsequent to disqualification have improved enough to remove the student from disqualification status. Students will be notified of their College Appeals Committee's decision no later than the last day to register for the term in question. A successful appeal request is considered a reinstatement. However, no reinstatement petition or advising contract is required. Students may not appeal a second disqualification.  Students who are disqualified at the end of the spring term shall have until the end of the following fall term to appeal the restriction on enrollment.

Students may request consideration for reinstatement only after presentation to the university of satisfactory evidence that they have improved their chances of scholastic success.  The Petition for Academic Reinstatement must be filed in the Registrar's Office after approval by the student's major department chair and the college dean.  After reinstatement, students must be removed from disqualification status by the time they have attempted an additional 16 semester units in baccalaureate level courses.

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