Election of Regulation (Catalog Rights)

Cal Poly Pomona automatically evaluates all students on the current curriculum year.  However, a student remaining in regular attendance at any California State University or any California Community College, for purposes of meeting graduation requirements may choose to follow degree requirements for:

  • Beginning with the term the student began such attendance, or

  • Beginning with the student’s first enrollment at Cal Poly Pomona, or

  • The term the student graduates.

For purposes of this policy, regular attendance shall mean attendance in at least one semester or two quarters in every calendar year (January 1st through December 31st).

An approved educational Leave of Absence shall not be considered an interruption providing such leave does not exceed two years.

Cal Poly Pomona may prescribe that academic requirements be completed within as few as seven years prior to the date of awarding the degree.

Any student considering exercising their Election of Regulations is strongly encouraged to seek the advice of their Academic Advisor before taking any action.


Students remain in continuous attendance may elect to meet degree requirements in effect either:

  • At the time they enroll in their first course as a conditional or unconditional student for that program or

  • At the time they graduate.