Change of Major

Students have the opportunity to change to another major if they determine the course of study they are currently pursuing no longer matches their interests or career plans.  In such cases, students should consult their advisers for guidance in making this decision and may contact the Career Center for career counseling to narrow their choice of potential majors.

Undergraduate students declaring a major for the first time or changing from one degree program or degree option program to another must complete and submit an approved Petition to Change Major Curriculum.  Students may not change from a declared major to undeclared major status.  This form is available as an e-form for your convenience.

Academic advising appointments and/or change of major meetings may be required to ensure that students have the potential to succeed in the selected major.  Students changing their major are subject to the major/minor requirements in effect at the time of the change. 

With the exception of the impacted programs, changes of major will be considered for lower-division students in good standing (2.0 grade point average for all college-level work attempted; all Cal Poly Pomona work attempted, and all work attempted in the major core).

Upper-division students may be required to meet additional requirements.  The department can require a minimum number of units or specify courses that must be completed with grades of C or better.

Change of major petitions for non-impacted majors may be submitted at any time during the term.  However, change of major petitions must be submitted no later than the end of the fourth week of the term to be effective in the following term. 

Students Receiving Veterans Benefits

Students receiving Veterans Benefits must obtain approval by the Veterans Administration before a change of major can be made.

International Students

International students are required to notify the International Student Advisor after changing majors so that the student's immigration document can be updated.

Impacted Majors
Both lower-division and upper-division students requesting a change of major to an impacted program must meet the supplemental requirements required for that major.

Requests for changes to impacted majors must be received by the end of the initial filing period for the term for which new majors are being accepted (i.e., February 28 for summer; November 30 for fall; June 30 for winter; August 31 for spring).