Viewing and Accepting Your Incomplete Contract

Viewing and Accepting Your Incomplete Contract

Locate your contract: Log into BroncoDirect and navigate to your "Student Center". Select the “Grades” option in the dropdown menu shown below.

Incomplete Contract

View your contract by selecting the appropriate term using the "Change Term" function, and then clicking on the Review Contract link in line with the class with an Incomplete.

Review Contract

Review the following elements of the Contract:

  • Grade Without Further Work –grade you will receive if you do not do further work in this class
  • Deadline For Completion – date you must complete and submit proof of completion of coursework to your instructor
  • Work Required for Removal of “I” Grade – outlines the coursework you need to complete

Elements of Contract 

Accept your contract no later than the Last Day of Add/Drop of the next quarter. Once you have reviewed the contents of your Incomplete Contract and agree with its contents, submit your acceptance of this contract by marking the box next to the “I accept the contract”.

Accept Contract

Failure to accept the contract in BroncoDirect means

  • that you will not be completing any further work in the class, and
  • will result in a grade indicated in the “grade Without Further Work” section of the contract.


If you have questions about any of the elements of this contract or need additional instructions to complete the required coursework, contact your instructor immediately.