Incomplete Authorized Grade ("I" Grades)

Incomplete Authorized Grade ("I" Grades)

What The "I" Grade Means

An "Incomplete Authorized" (I) signifies that not all the requirement of a course has been completed in the prescribed time period, but that due to justified reasons, the faculty member has determined that work can be completed at later date within some agreed upon conditions.

Required Paperwork To Be Granted An "I" Grade

The awarding of an "I" requires a meeting between the student and the faculty member, to discuss the requirements for the removal of the grade.

The agreement on the manner and time by which the requirements of the course must be fully met must be recorded in writing on the Incomplete Contract available in BroncoDirect.

Viewing and Accepting Your Incomplete Contract 

Timeline On When Coursework Should Be Completed

The University policy states that students must complete the work for the incomplete course within the timeframe agreed upon by the instructor and student, but no later than one calendar year beginning the end of the term in which the "I" grade was assigned. Failure to complete the assigned work will result in an "I" grade converted to the grade specified on the Incomplete Contract as the grade to be assigned when no further work is completed or "IC" when no grade was specified. The grade "IC" has the effect of a failing grade on the student's grade point average.

Students may petition to extend the timeframe to complete the work required in courses with "I" grades. The General Academic Petition form is used to obtain this approval. Extensions are allowed only one time, for a maximum total of one year.

Students may not re-enroll in classes with "I" grades.

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