• Minors are available only to undergraduate students.

  • Student may declare more than one minor.

  • A student may not declare a major and minor in the same degree plan, with the exception of some interdisciplinary minors.

  • Students are encouraged to declare a minor as early as possible in their academic career, but no later than the fifth week of the term in which they plan to graduate (timeline subject to change when the University converts to a semester calendar).

  • Students must satisfy the minor requirements listed in the Cal Poly Pomona University Catalog at the time they declare the minor or at the time of graduation.

  • Students may not continue enrollment to complete a minor after completion of their major program.

How to Add or Drop a Minor

  1. Students must meet with the minor coordinator in the department offering the minor. 

  2. The minor coordinator will submit the request to the Registrar's Office via BroncoDirect.

  3. The Registrar's Office will process the request within 5 business days.

  4. The student will see the change (addition or deletion of minor) in BroncoDirect as a "plan" under the major.