Retroactive Withdrawal

Students who discontinue or withdraw from attendance and participation in ALL coursework within a particular term in which they were officially enrolled without formally filing the "Petition to Withdraw Completely From the Current Semester" will receive the administrative grade of "WU" (equivalent to an "F"). 

Students who receive "WU" and/or "F" grades in ALL coursework taken during a term may petition to the Retroactive Withdrawal Committee.  The grade(s) may be retroactively changed to the Administrative grade of "W", if he/she can provide documentation that supports the compelling reasons for the unofficial withdrawal during the term(s) in question or/and any grades received (e.g. letter grades A - F) were not earned.

A petition entitled "Request for Retroactive Withdrawal" is available in the Office of Student Success, Student Services Bldg. 121.  A student has up to one (1) calendar year of the last day of the term in question to apply for retroactive withdrawal.  A student need not be enrolled at the University at the time the application for retroactive withdrawal is submitted.