Graduation Process

Completing a Graduation Check Request

  •  Submit all required documentation with your graduation check request.

    • Graduate students must have their Master's Contract on file with the Registrar's Office (Bldg. 98, 2nd floor) to receive a graduation check.
    • Undergraduates must submit paperwork reflecting their Advisor approved Career Track, Directed Electives, Curriculum Year Change requests or Academic Petitions.
  • Graduation Checks for all undergraduate students will be done automatically. Students with do not need to complete a Request for Graduation Check Form. Submit all required documentation to the Registrar's Office (Bldg. 98, 2nd Floor).

  • Only one graduation check will be issued while enrolled at Cal Poly Pomona unless you change your major or the evaluator determined that there is missing or incorrect information in the original Graduation Check.

  • Questions about your graduation check should be directed to your advisor in your major department.

Applying/Clearing for Graduation

  • A second grad check is not required when you apply for graduation.

  • After grades are posted, your Transfer and Graduation Advisor will perform a final graduation evaluation of your records to verify that you have completed all degree requirements.

  • Allow five weeks after your final grades have been posted to be cleared for graduation.

  • Between the fourth and fifth week, periodically check Bronco Direct Unofficial Transcript to verify that your degree has been posted.

  • Upon verification that all degree requirements have been met, your degree will be awarded and your unofficial transcript will show your degree.

  • Order an official transcript from the Registrar’s Office if you need to provide degree verification to an employer or another institution.

Notification of Graduation Deficiencies

  • Be aware of the deadline for students to submit all paperwork necessary for your graduation (ex., petitions or official transcripts from other institutions).

  • Deadline information is on the Registrar’s Office website at Graduation Information

  • Lack of approved documents is considered as a graduation deficiency.

  • Notification regarding your graduation deficiencies will be sent to your Cal Poly Pomona email account.  This notification may be sent at any point during your quarter of graduation through the last day to resolve deficiencies for that quarter.

Graduation Deferral Notification

  • Notification about your unsatisfied graduation requirements, which includes failure to submit all necessary documentation by the appropriate deadline, will be e-mailed to your Cal Poly Pomona email account. 

  • Your evaluator will indicate on this email that your graduation has been deferred.

  • Deferred candidates must reapply for graduation to be considered for graduation again.  Submit a new Graduation Application online.

  • Please speak with your Transfer & Graduation Advisor for more information.


  • Diplomas are available 8-10 weeks after the last day of the quarter in which you graduated.

  • Diplomas are prepared off-campus and are mailed directly to your mailing address on file.  Log in to BroncoDirect and make sure that your mailing address is correct and up to date. 

  • Verify your name through the BroncoDirect link View My Names. The name as it appears on your official file will be the name printed on your diploma. If you have changed your name or would prefer only a middle initial, etc., please complete Diploma Name form and submit by finals week.

  • If you are not currently enrolled and do not have access to BroncoDirect, notify the Registrar’s Office in writing about your new address.

  • Diplomas are not considered by most employers or other educational institutions as proof of graduation.  An official transcript, one that is delivered in a sealed envelope, is proper proof that you have earned a degree.   

Commencement Ceremonies

  • Any student who receives a Cal Poly Pomona degree during the academic year (fall, winter, spring and the preceding summer quarter) is automatically eligible to participate in that year’s Commencement Ceremony held in June. 

  • Information regarding the June Commencement Ceremony may be obtained: