Graduation Check

Undergraduate Students

Graduation Checks for all Undergraduate students will be done automatically.

As you approach senior status, it is important that your academic records are complete and accurate.  Your Degree Progress Report (DPR) will be used to determine your eligibility for graduation. Do not wait to submit any outstanding documents and/or petitions that may have an impact on your degree progress.  Your DPR will be reviewed by your Transfer & Graduation Advisor (TGA) shortly after you reach senior standing.  Once your DPR is reviewed, it becomes your Graduation Check and will reflect your remaining degree requirements as of that point in time.   You can help ensure that your Graduation Check is accurate by doing the following: 

Complete your Academic Records

Provide the Registrar’s Office information or documents pertaining to your graduation requirements as soon as possible.  Missing information or documents will affect the accuracy of your Graduation Check and may delay your graduation.

 Review your Degree Progress Report and take note of your remaining graduation requirements as soon as you receive an email notification that your Graduation Check has been processed. 

Graduate Students

Graduate Contracts must be on file in the Registrar's Office to process Graduation Checks, along with any petitions or substitutions to the contract.