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Permission Numbers

Class Permission Numbers are used by students to enroll in courses that are full, (class enrollment limit); require consent; or requisites   (co-requisites and pre-requisites). Depending on the type of restriction in place, Permission Numbers are obtained from the Class Instructor or the Department Office.  Permission Numbers can be entered by students when enrolling online through BroncoDirect. Class permission numbers issued to override seat capacity for closed classes are valid only during our ADD/DROP period (first 6 days of instructions) and will expire after the last day to add classes. See Academic Calendar for dates and deadlines.

The chart below shows where to obtain a Permission Number for a specific registration problem:

If the Enrollment Request Message says…

That means…

The student may request a permission number from…

Not Enrolled, Class ____ Full.

The class is full.

The class instructor.

Requisites not met for Class, not enrolled.

The student has not met the class prerequisites or corequisites.

The class instructor or department office (procedure varies by department).

Permission to enroll in this class is required.

Permission is required to enroll in the class.

The class instructor.

Instructor Consent Required to Enroll in Class, Add Not Processed.

Instructor consent is required to enroll in class.

The class instructor.

Frequently Asked Questions about Permission Numbers

What Do Class Permission Numbers Override?

  • Class enrollment limit (classes that are full)

  • Consent requirement

  • Requisities (co-requisites and pre-requisities)

They DO NOT override time conflicts, maximum units and level restrictions

How do I Obtain My Class Permission Number?

Instructors of Department Offices provide Class Permission Numbers.  Students enter these numbers when registering via BroncoDirect.

What Happens If I Lose My Class Permission Number?

Students should contact their instructor to obtain an original or a new Class Permission Number.  The Registrar's Office will not be able to provide assistance in this matter.

What Happens If I Have a Hold (or Negative Service Indicator)?

Permission Numbers will not work and will be "used up" if holds (also known as service indicators) have not been removed.