Schedule Builder

Schedule Builder is a tool for Cal Poly Pomona students that helps them plan the details of their schedules before registration, term by term. Students can import their class preferences and time availabilities to generate multiple possible class schedules. Using real time information, including class seat availability, Schedule Builder makes it easier for students to create their schedules and complete their registration for the next term.

Schedule Builder is available in BroncoDirect’s Student Center, which students can find in MyCPP. Students can use Schedule Builder alongside BroncoDirect’s MyPlanner and Individual Academic Plan (IAP), which are both long-term academic planning tools to help students reach graduation on time. For more information about MyPlanner and IAP, visit the MyPlanner and IAP websites.

Users experiencing difficulties with the web application are welcome to request assistance from the Registrar’s Office and the staff between the hours of 8AM – 5PM at (909) 869-3000.

Step-by-step handout

5 Things to Know About Schedule Builder

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