General Education

Every student seeking a bachelor's degree must take a substantial proportion of coursework designated as General Education (GE) courses.  Under the provisions of Title 5 Education of the California Code of Regulations, Cal Poly Pomona offers a variety of GE courses.  To learn more about Cal Poly Pomona's general education requirements, view Cal Poly General Education Requirements (PDF).  IMPORTANT: The American Cultural Perspectives requirement (ACP) (PDF) is a graduation requirement separate from general education.

Certification of General Education

"Certification" refers to official notification from a California Community College that a transfer student has completed courses fulfilling CSU general education requirements.

Executive Order 1065 (formerly 595) authorizes California Community Colleges to certify up to 39 semester units (or 58.5 quarter units) toward the completion of lower division general education requirements.  Cal Poly Pomona accepts both CSU Breadth General Education Certification and IGETC (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum) when it is completed in accordance with this executive order.

A maximum of 70 semester units or 105 quarter units transferred from other institutions may be applied toward the cumulative unit requirement for a Bachelor's Degree.

The American Cultural Perspectives requirement (ACP) (PDF) is a graduation requirement separate from general education certification.  Transfer students are highly encouraged to complete the ACP requirement at one of several California community colleges.  For a complete listing of qualified ACP courses at the community college, please visit and select "American Cultural Perspectives Requirement" in the "By Major" drop down menu.

Certification of General Education for other Institutions

Courses from other institutions may be petitioned for satisfaction of general education requirements.  Each petition will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. To download the academic petition, view Request for Course Substitution or Acceptance of Transfer Coursework (PDF).

The institutions listed below have established CSU GE-Breadth approval through the CSU, Chancellor's Office.  Cal Poly Pomona will apply each approved course in the designated General Education area.

Click on each link below to view a list of approved courses.

Don Bosco (PDF)
Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise (PDF)
Heald Colleges (PDF)
Humphreys College (PDF)
San Joaquin Valley College (PDF)
University of Maryland, University College (PDF)

Please direct questions regarding CSU GE-Breadth course approval for the above institutions to the CSU, Chancellor's Office.