Transfer Credit Information

Undergraduate Students

Students transferring into Cal Poly Pomona may be awarded credits for courses completed at other regionally accredited colleges and universities.  Students  must submit an official transcript from each institution where they completed courses.  Upon receipt of the transcript, CPP course and/or unit credit is determined.  Transfer courses may be applied toward specific requirements, such as general education or major requirements, or serve as elective credit.

A maximum of 70 semester units or 105 quarter units transferred from community colleges may be applied toward the cumulative unit requirement for a Bachelor's Degree (subject to change when the University converts to a semester calendar).

Transfer courses are applied toward degree requirements and are based on factors such as articulation agreements, unit limitation and GE certifications.  For specific transfer credit information, please see the links below. If after reviewing your Transfer Credit Report you have questions, please contact your Transfer and Graduation Advisor

Additional Graduation Requirements
The American Cultural Perspectives Requirement is a graduation requirement satisfied by completing the equivalent of an approved course from the list shown in the Cal Poly Pomona Catalog.  Please note that completing the CSU Breadth General Education Certification pattern or the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) does not guarantee satisfaction of this requirement.  Contact the Registrar's Office for more details.

If you have taken a course in American Government at a college or university outside California or at a college or university in California that is not part of the California State University (CSU) or California community college systems, or if you earned credit for American Government through an AP exam in high school, you may have been told that you still need to take a test in order to demonstrate knowledge of California government.  Click here for more information.

Associate Degrees for Transfer (AA-T or AS-T) - Student Transfer Achievement Reform (STAR) Act (SB 1440)

California Community College students who earn a transfer associate (AA-T or AS-T) degree are guaranteed admission with junior standing to a CSU and given priority admission over other transfer applicants when applying to a local CSU campus, or non-impacted CSU program. AA-T or AS-T admission applicants are given priority consideration to an impacted campus/program or to campuses/programs that have been deemed similar to the degree completed at the community college. Students who have completed an AA-T/AS-T in a program deemed similar to a Cal Poly Pomona major are able to complete remaining requirements for graduation within 60 semester units (90 quarter units). 

Roadmaps outlining the recommended plan for completing the 60 additional semester units (90 quarter units) are available here: Associate Degree for Transfer information, including eligible Cal Poly Pomona degrees, is available here:

Military Transfer Credit

6 semester units of elective credit will be allowed toward a baccalaureate degree for a student with an honorable discharge from the military services of the United States who submits evidence of satisfactory completion of at least one year of active military service.  3 of the 6 semester units will be applied toward General Education Area E upon successful completion of ENG 1103 or ENG 1101 (or the equivalent).

An additional 9 semester units of elective credit will be allowed toward graduation to any student submitting evidence of receiving a commission in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, or Marine Corps.  Credit is not given for completion of the six-month reserve training programs or for college level general educational development tests.

Credit for specific courses may be allowed if the student has satisfactorily completed equivalent study in a military service school. The guidelines of the American Council on Education are followed in determining eligibility and approval must be granted by the department teaching the specific course for which credit is sought.

Articulation agreements for military courses with American Council on Education (ACE) credit recommendations are published through the Transfer Evaluation System here:  The articulation agreements specify specific course credit to be awarded for certain courses taken while in the military.  To receive credit, student veterans must first submit an official military transcript to the Registrar's Office.  Veteran students may be eligible for additional course credit.  For more information, please read the Transfer Credit Guide for Veterans.


MPA 5410 Waiver (1-3 Semester Units)

Veteran students majoring in Public Administration, M.P.A., may apply to waive 3 units of MPA 5410 (Internship) (formerly MPA 698, 1-4 quarter units).  A DD-214 with honorable discharge must be submitted to the Director of the MPA program, Dr. Brady Collins.  To apply for the MPA 5410 waiver, please submit the Program of Study form and a copy of your DD-214 to:

Dr. Brady Collins, MPA Director
Political Science Department
Phone: (909) 869-3573
Office: 94-374

Graduate Students**

The following unit limitations on transfer courses apply to graduate students:

A maximum of 13 units from an accredited institution or from Extended University may be applied to the Master's Degree requirements with departmental and college approval.  Time limits apply to the acceptance of transfer courses.

**Note: Subject to change when the University converts to a semester calendar.

Additional Information for Transfer Credit

ACE Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services
American Institutions Requirement: CA Component
AP/IB/CLEP Credits
Extended/Open University
General Education Requirements/Certification
Regional Accrediting Agencies